Visitors (or Chinese lanterns) once more here this New Year's Eve.

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Message 1323520 - Posted: 2 Jan 2013, 9:09:15 UTC
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On New Year's Eve which this time fell on a Monday, we apparently had Chinese lanterns visiting us here where I live in order to watch the fireworks and celebrations.

Anyway, I am not early up and I woke up in the afternoon. Having a look out of the windows, I noticed three of them coming from the south, quite low and passing by. Later on, what probably was "true" Chinese lanterns were also being observed.

Most people do not recognize - or bother. But my experience and background tells me that what I see is something else.

Using binoculars, I was able to see several pairs at close proximity and on the other side of town there were three such orbs or blobs close together. Those which to me appeared to be the "real thing" were much higher up into the air, possibly a couple of hundred feets or more.

At once instance, close to midnight - two quite bright orbs or blobs went into a circular dance which lasted maybe half a minute. Definitely there were no paper attached to or mounted on these two objects - they were quite bright and yellowish to almost red in color.

They were not that close to each other and the speed was rather low. Most noticeable was that this year, there were no real hesitation or anxiousness being observed from these visitors.

Last year, my best guess is that there perhaps was a little anxiety or hesitation around. Although they were not visible all the time, the fact that they were able to move across town in not to long a time, suggests visitors coming from somewhere else, possibly space.

In fact, even though most of us wish for an alien species which may be recognized, more likely alien intelligence may be present by means of an energy form (or at least appear as being so). They are not necessarily identical to us, even though they may be having intelligence on their own. Similarly, a video I watched two days ago is supposed to be showing intelligent beings inside a craft. Such intelligence is possibly more interesting to us than intelligence which may appear in the form of energy (like orbs or blobs).
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Message 1323593 - Posted: 2 Jan 2013, 14:05:39 UTC

MP, I think that if ET is around, then they would be using some sort of remote controlled drone craft. That would explain the high speed manoeuvrings that these things seem to do. I don't doubt for a moment that what you saw was real, but I can't explain it any more than you probably can.

As to "them" getting bolder, I'm not sure about that interpretation. Any beings technologically advanced enough to have conquered space travel, would also be fully aware of the worldwide panic that would result in positive proof of ET's. You would have a total breakdown of law and order, civil unrest, and lootings. I can't believe that "they" if they exist, would want that.

There are things up there in the sky that with our current knowledge, defy rational explanation. Chinese lanterns in wind currents and vortexes can be some of it, it is the unexplained others that are the mystery. If they are out there they will make themselves known when the human race is ready to accept it. At present I guess not. But ever since the 1930's there has been a general conditioning of the public to a mindset that doesn't rule out contact one day.

We will see. Not in my lifetime I fear :-(

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Message 1323657 - Posted: 2 Jan 2013, 17:20:46 UTC

Having watched the launch, then followed the progress of, a pair of those paper fire balloons on Monday evening I can say that your description matches the characteristics of their flight, apart from the time - the pair I watched were launched just after it had gone dark, for the sole purpose of keeping some kids amused.
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