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Message 1321947 - Posted: 30 Dec 2012, 4:48:04 UTC

This team is for anyone who wishes to join us in this venture. We're just regular guys and gals of all ages, married and not, fathers, mothers and everything in between. You see, we're not all that unique. We're just friendly folks who have SETI running in the background and are doing our part in what we consider to be mankind's greatest scientific study. This team isn't highly structured. Heck, what am I saying, it's laid back! We'll be all about just letting SETI do it's thing, while we do ours (which is whatever we'd normally be doing, if SETI wasn't on our PC's). That's it. Bare bones. Just a team of people who let SETI run, while we do our own thing. If this sounds like you, feel free to join up! Help us prove that the little guys (and ladies) can make a difference. Show the mega teams that it doesn't take a team of thousands to rack up some nice credit! Regardless of whether you join or not, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!
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Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Please Join "Friends of Seti" Team

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