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Questions and Answers : Windows : Edit word question.

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Message 1319188 - Posted: 23 Dec 2012, 6:48:21 UTC - in response to Message 1319183.
Last modified: 23 Dec 2012, 6:52:15 UTC

you can edit it yourself if you posted it, there is an edit button at the top of the post
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Message 1319216 - Posted: 23 Dec 2012, 9:49:59 UTC

You only have a one hour window in which to edit your posts.
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Message 1322772 - Posted: 31 Dec 2012, 19:07:54 UTC - in response to Message 1319183.

Can a single word in a previous posting be edited by someone with the proper administative rights without changing anything else (like posting date and time)?

If possible, could message http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=69806&postid=1300353, which starts with "I have not followed this discussion in this thread"... be changed to "I have not followed the discussion in this thread"...

If possible, that would be great.


No one else can edit your posts.


Questions and Answers : Windows : Edit word question.

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