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Message 1317449 - Posted: 20 Dec 2012, 3:24:01 UTC

Hello, I've suddenly seen a rise in my error count. I was wondering if any kind people could check this out for me. The only recent change has been the instalation of the Nvidia 306.97 driver.

Any advice would be welcome.

Best Regards,

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Message 1317555 - Posted: 20 Dec 2012, 11:51:39 UTC

I made the same mistake over at Beta recently... We can't see user id results, it has to be host id.

Unfortunately I can't help with the real problem, but your 2 machines have different symptoms:

This one I'm guessing you have taken offline, otherwise it's having trouble making contact (Last Contact 22 Nov)
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Manuel Palacios

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Message 1317618 - Posted: 20 Dec 2012, 14:22:05 UTC

Unhandled Exception Detected...

- Unhandled Exception Record -
Reason: Out Of Memory (C++ Exception) (0xe06d7363) at address 0x74F7C41F

that's the error message coming out of the machine with 3 gtx 460's, not sure if its referencing system ram, or vram. maybe someone else more knowledgeable may be able to further answer your question.
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