Six million ghosts?

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Message boards : Number crunching : Six million ghosts?

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Message 1313033 - Posted: 9 Dec 2012, 13:46:05 UTC

Please tell me I'm reading this wrong:

Roughly 8 million results have been returned and are awaiting validation.

There are roughly 4 million results out in the field.

That seems to say that more than 4 million results will never be validated, probably a lot more.

I must be wrong. But what am I missing? Could there be 6 million ghosts or more - results where the second unit never got sent out?

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Message 1313048 - Posted: 9 Dec 2012, 14:06:38 UTC - in response to Message 1313033.
Last modified: 9 Dec 2012, 14:09:07 UTC

A workunit consists of a number of results (up to 10), a lot of those results will be paired up with one or more other results where validation is inconclusive at the moment,
So there are probably somewhat less than 4 million workunits awaiting validation.


Message boards : Number crunching : Six million ghosts?

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