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Message 1312633 - Posted: 8 Dec 2012, 17:18:37 UTC
Last modified: 8 Dec 2012, 17:20:37 UTC

Now it gets troubled once in a while.
Lori don't understand when I sit up all night drinking and posting.

This was quit reversed 30 years ago, when it was me that ran all over town trying to track her.

She just called as I was posting this........

Gimme an hour of sleep, and I shall be her lovin' man again.
I hope.

Close down the Honky Tonks.......

I wish.

The kitties shall mind the crunchers..
I gots to deal with some real life.

See ya.

What meowing lurks in the hearts of man? The kittyman knows....MEOWhahahahahahha!

Have made friends here.
Most were cats.
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Message boards : Cafe SETI : Had a gurl like that once.......

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