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John McLeod VII
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Message 1312532 - Posted: 8 Dec 2012, 12:26:02 UTC

I knew a guy while I was in college that did some stop light to stop light racing. He owned a modified VW bug. He removed the rear seat and put in a Ford 440. He had to pour the front bumper full of lead to keep the nose down when he hit the accelerator. The suspension was completely custom as well. Many other drivers were surprised by that car.

He also checked the timing on the stoplights on one road near the college. They were known to be perfectly timed at 35 MPH. He also discovered they were perfectly timed at 70, 105, and 140, but not 175.

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Message 1312536 - Posted: 8 Dec 2012, 12:38:52 UTC

Way way back I had an MGB GT. The nice thing about it was the Laycock Overdrive on 3rd and 4th gears. The best trick was to accelerate away from the lights through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears, then flick the switch into overdrive. You could wind it up to about 80mph in overdrive 3rd, then as you overtook them you changed direct into overdrive 4th! They heard the gear change and thought jeebuss what's he got under that bonnet!!

Of course that was only the 1800cc engine version, dunno what the 3.5 litre Rover V8 lump in the MGC GT could have managed :-)
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Message 1312604 - Posted: 8 Dec 2012, 15:57:56 UTC

I got my first car at the ripe old age of 13. My dad had raced in his youth so he encouraged me to learn about cars. It was a Chryster New Yorker with a 426 hemi.

I paid $35 for it. I rebuild the engine with the help of some of my dad's friends. I got it to 735 HP on the dyno. My brother and I stripped the car.

The bumper was made of lead. Not really, but OMG it probably weight 150 lbs.

Once we got it to the bare minimum we raced it in our back yard. We had a big back yard. At times I am surprised we all lived. One game was to put someone on the hood and drive around to see how long they could hold on. Did I mention I was 13.
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Message 1312858 - Posted: 9 Dec 2012, 2:18:48 UTC - in response to Message 1312523.  
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I could go on, but some told me in the past that my life's story did not interest them.

So what? If they aren't interested in your story, they can just ignore your posts....

My first car was a 1960 Ford Fairlane - no big deal.

My second car was a 1964 Chevelle Malibu convertible I bought from a friend whose girlfriend wanted a more "sensible" car - a Pinto hatchback. Boy howdy, I'd love to have that ragtop back .....

Or the '57 Chevy Bel Air 210 stationwagon Dad drove from Milwaukee to Visalia when we moved out here in 1957.....
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Message 1313554 - Posted: 10 Dec 2012, 16:06:16 UTC
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The previous night had some nice bright shiny looks at the stars, thinking of Sir Patrick Moore and the wonders of universe exploration a voice sort of said ''So, they needed lights for their space ships?'', as a first experience multi thousands of miles per hour UFO observer, the comet travellings really have shown that when the multi directions occur at the frequent rates they do the spherics teach us a lot about space travel.

Cars that travel direct from planet = planet?

Perhaps the comets themselves would be good streets?
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Message 1313568 - Posted: 10 Dec 2012, 16:22:14 UTC

'67 Mustang Fastback rebuilt from the ground up over a 3 year time period. Purchased it (the rusted frame and body that is) when I was 13. Rolled it out of the garage 2 days after I earned my drivers license. Top speed in the 1/4 mile 129.2 mph @ 10.46 sec. I nearly crapped my pants.
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