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Message 1307283 - Posted: 18 Nov 2012, 4:48:02 UTC
Last modified: 18 Nov 2012, 4:54:53 UTC

If you're laid back and not into all of the politics of some of the team stuff going on around here...., please join me our team "Friends of SETI". I just reached a personal milestone on 1 million credits. I joined Seti in April 2002. Been chipping away at it since my 486DX computer.
Friends of Seti has had members come and go over the last 10 years. With no worries. Life happens. We thank all and everyone that can contribute whatever they can.

I am looking for some new great folks like yourselves who want to contribute to this great cause called Seti@home and let their computers crunch some numbers without the hassle of team events and emails constantly.
Join us today!
Copy & paste the below link to view/join Friends of Seti team. Thanks for your time.

Kenneth Olsen
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Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Join "Friends of SETI"!

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