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Message 1306011 - Posted: 14 Nov 2012, 6:31:55 UTC - in response to Message 1305572.
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I understand completely. We sang her songs with great passion in high school when I was just a freshman, so many years ago! We truly believed that she, together with Peter and Paul, would help us forge a new world that was made of love, not war. Sadly, most of my high school classmates have long since become part of the "status quo", and even made war instead of love. They have forgotten who they were, and their pledges so long ago to make the world a better place for all.

I am a bit of a singer myself, and I sang many of those songs to my son as he was growing up. As I love them, so does he. He also wishes to work for peace instead of war. I believe he, like his father, will not forget.

Why do I say this? You see, Mark, we met Peter Yarrow right after Mary died. He had come to a bookstore in our city and sang for all the children. My son was, at the time, just a little older than me when I sang those same songs in school. He was totally blown away by Peter and his love and kindness.

After the performance, Peter talked personally to the two of us for a long time. You could see the tears in his eyes as he spoke so lovingly of Mary. You could feel the love he had for her. I saw in Peter what I felt when my wife had died a few years earlier. We realized that evening that Peter, Paul and Mary were, indeed, the Real Deal. They were not just performers making fame and fortune. They lived and shared what they believed and felt. They were the voice of Love!

I have met many famous people, including actors and musicians, but only one other was as true in life as were they. That was John Denver.

Oh, how we need their voices and inspiration today! Where have all the flowers gone??? :(

Message boards : Cafe SETI : Might I impose for just a few minutes more?

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