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Message 1305493 - Posted: 12 Nov 2012, 19:25:51 UTC

Love that song:)

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Message 1305723 - Posted: 13 Nov 2012, 6:04:06 UTC - in response to Message 1305512.  

Love that song:)

Me too.
I have posted it more than once.
And some were worried from time to time that I placed more in the words of it than I did.

I had a brother jump off a bridge to his death, and I kissed him in the morgue.
Tasted the blood on his forehead. I came within minutes of catching him.

Thank you, Mark, for sharing that. That one piece helps knit together several sections of the puzzle, and the picture becomes a bit more clear.

The reality is that suicide is only painless for the one who does it.
The pain endures for the rest of us left behind.

And, knowing how painful that is, I could never do it to any of those I love.

Good to know. As dark as your posts sometimes get, some of us have worried about that...
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