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Message 1301877 - Posted: 4 Nov 2012, 0:06:37 UTC

So when i open the BOINC Manager, do i just let it run there or is there more to it ?
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rob smith
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Message 1301989 - Posted: 4 Nov 2012, 8:31:48 UTC - in response to Message 1301877.  

Basically you can now sit back and watch the credits roll in.
We are performing a screening exercises, to prune out the vast amount of noise so allowing the main project to concentrate on the hard work of collating the data we produce, and so find ET's lair....
Bob Smith
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Somewhere in the (un)known Universe?
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John McCallum

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Message 1302156 - Posted: 4 Nov 2012, 17:01:13 UTC - in response to Message 1301877.  

Now you can also run all sort of interesting research programmes there are loads to choose from just load whatever takes your fancy.They all work the same way.
Oh and beware of the Raccoons that are running loose in the Cafe.
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Message 1302164 - Posted: 4 Nov 2012, 17:11:18 UTC

Oh and beware of the Raccoons that are running loose in the Cafe.

Only by strict control, and under the auspices of the California Wildlife Foundation. Seti has a licence to oversee and run the Berkeley Raccoon Sanctuary.

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