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Message 1301007 - Posted: 1 Nov 2012, 16:14:51 UTC

This weekend I upgraded my ATI 5850 GPU to an NVIDA 660ti. I basically uninstalled the ATI drivers, powered off, exchanged the cards and booted back up to install the Nvidia driver. Having then set it up for crunching on SETI, and seeing the phenominal results I thought I'd try readding the ATI card rather than using it elsewhere or selling it.

I have now both cards in the machine. Windows seems happy enough to have both cards running side by side and so does BOINC. BOINC is even trying to download work for it. It never however manages to obtain any, I'm still only seeing the NVIDIA card and the 4 cores of my CPU working on tasks.

I've added the 'USE ALL GPU's' setting to my cc_config file and rebooted, but this has had no effect.

Has anyone ever mixed cards in this way and got a positive result? I'm not sure what to try next, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Message 1301014 - Posted: 1 Nov 2012, 16:52:19 UTC - in response to Message 1301007.  

As I understand it you will have to install the ATI card first, followed by the Nvidia, as else it won't work. Also probably wise to fully uninstall all drivers and clean them out with something like Driver Sweeper (see this FAQ for link), before first installing the AMD Catalyst drivers and then the Nvidia drivers.

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Message 1301073 - Posted: 1 Nov 2012, 20:19:18 UTC

Actually you want to install the Nvidia drivers first and then the AMD ones.

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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : ATI And Nvida GPU's in same machine

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