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Message 1297914 - Posted: 22 Oct 2012, 16:59:08 UTC - in response to Message 1297873.  

The thing with the server side fix, which has been pointed out before and I've seen in action, is that once a person is blocked/restricted then they can just detach and then re-attach which just resets their corruption again with a new PC ID.


Hopefully, if they are savvy enough to do that they are probably savvy enough to sort out their computer before they re-attach.


And if it happened to them a number of times, perhaps they would get the hint that something is wrong on their end.
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Message 1297916 - Posted: 22 Oct 2012, 17:02:06 UTC - in response to Message 1297880.  

ouch ... just noticed another wave of inconclusive ... a quick look at the wingmen ... gtx 560 ti ....

Is there a thread where you guys are keeping track of who has been PMed ?

one to add to your list : 9302233 (Murat Adas) PM sent 9pm oct 21

It's "kind of" being tracked in the "Validation Inconclusive" thread. Maybe you could post this in there.


Fancy starting up a new thread where we can track folks and try to get them some PC help?

How would we do this? I will start one in the morning As Im ready to gp to bed now.
But What do you need in the thread #1. Users name if he has one #2 computer id. #3. Type of GPU card. And #4 if he has been Pmed.

I think it should be made sticky at least for a time .
No other disscussions just a list of rogues and if they have been notified. That way it can be used as a master list for anyone to see if a wingmate is on the list allready.


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