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Gian Luca Bacchin

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Message 1291937 - Posted: 6 Oct 2012, 7:35:20 UTC

Hi all, I'm new to BOINC projects (also SETI). I have started with computing and now on statistics seems I have some works done before deadline and they are in "ready to report" status.
How can I report them?
Are they reported automatically ? When?

Thanks all
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rob smith Special Project $250 donor
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Message 1291961 - Posted: 6 Oct 2012, 9:34:49 UTC - in response to Message 1291937.  

Normally BOINC will look after reporting for you.
But there are times when it is desirable to force a report, its quite simple (assuming you are in the advanced view)
Open the "projects" tab
Highlight the project you want to report
Click the "Update" button

Sit back and wait, it can take a few minutes to go through the process.
Bob Smith
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John McLeod VII
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Message 1292277 - Posted: 7 Oct 2012, 0:16:51 UTC

There is a set of about 12 different times when tasks are reported. They start with:

1) 24 hours after completion.
2) 24 hours before deadline.
3) "Maintain enough work for X days" before deadline.
4) Immediately upon upload completed if later than 1 - 3.
5) On any work request.
6) With any other result being reported.
7) With a trickle up message (selected projects only)
8) With a trickle down message request (selected projects only).
9) With a server schedule connection at interval. (selected projects only).
10) With a BOINC Account Manager schedulet connection. (only if the client uses an account manager).
11) Immediately if No Work Fetch is set for the project.
12) Immediately on a particular setting in cc_config (supposed to be for debugging)
13) When the user pushes the update button.

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