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W5DMG - Dave
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Message 1285673 - Posted: 19 Sep 2012, 22:30:43 UTC
Last modified: 19 Sep 2012, 22:31:42 UTC

I Googled for Boinc Skins today, looking to change the appearance.
The 1st link I saw was this:

On that page under "Contents" it says Boinc Skins, which is also a link.
Click that link and then the 2nd link for English.
It says SETI USA. I clicked that one and thats the link that
needs to be removed. They have pictures on that site of
pre-teen and young teen female in swimsuits and other
outfits. This is a child porn site.

On the 1st main page of the site, look where it says Join SETI USA.
Just below that in orange text it show hot topics of the day.
Look at the hot topics, nude lolita pre teen.
They have posted lots of pictures there.

Richard HaselgroveProject Donor
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Message 1285678 - Posted: 19 Sep 2012, 22:47:59 UTC

Message passed on.

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Message 1285682 - Posted: 19 Sep 2012, 22:54:03 UTC
Last modified: 19 Sep 2012, 22:57:35 UTC

I did a screenshot of the main page and sent it to webmaster@setiusa.net (that e-mail address is on the bottom left.) They've been hacked or equivalent, probably using SQL injection. Had my site compromised probably by the same douchenozzles a few months ago.

All I see is a bunch of links in "Recent Popular Topic" that definitely should not be there, no pictures or anything (probably Ad-Block doing its job... thank you again Ad-Block.)
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”
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Message boards : Number crunching : A link that needs to be removed

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