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Message 1284665 - Posted: 17 Sep 2012, 1:17:04 UTC

Hello everyone,
I have just recently with in the past few days got involved with Seti@home.

I have 3 computers running the screen saver and a temped to connect them all to my account. Seems to be working.

My question is, Just how much work is there that is only related to Seti@home?
I noticed on the screen saver in the Data info some Recorded "July 04".

Profile Bob DeWoody
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Message 1284707 - Posted: 17 Sep 2012, 5:30:52 UTC - in response to Message 1284665.

I've been doing just Seti@home work since 1999 and they haven't run out yet. My profile only gives me credit back to 2010 when I had to get a new identity and couldn't figure out how to transfer my credits but I've been here since nearly the beginning. So I doubt they will run out of work any time soon.
Bob DeWoody

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Message 1284831 - Posted: 17 Sep 2012, 16:06:43 UTC

S@H now collects data from two radio telescopes on a more or less continuous basis, so work will continue to stream in for the foreseeable future.
Bob Smith
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Message boards : SETI@home Science : How much work is there ?

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