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Message 1279280 - Posted: 2 Sep 2012, 15:20:58 UTC
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Another of my lifelong friends was taken from us that year.
Mary Travers.

You might recall my devastation at the time.
I was inconsolable. Simple trashed.

PPM were another of the seeds I had given to me in my youth. Anchors, they were.

They still grow.

Her life......

500 miles.

You might note, before you diss me entirely..........

In their 50-year career together, Travers, Stookey and Yarrow won five Grammys, created 13 Top 40 hits, and saw eight of their albums go gold and five turn platinum. The group also became the voice of a generation of human rights advocates and war protestors.

Now I shall stand down.
Always remember.....kitties are all Angels with fur.
'Cat lives matter.'

Have made friends in this life.
Most were cats.
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