How to enable AntiAliasing?

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Questions and Answers : Windows : How to enable AntiAliasing?

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Kanchan Kumaar
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Message 1279173 - Posted: 2 Sep 2012, 8:53:18 UTC

Hi everyone,

Today is my first day with SETI@home! I'm excited to be part of the big picture.

I had a question - is there any way I can anti-alias the screensaver? The image would really, really be improved with that. I have tried using the nvidia control panel for this (by specifying an application's settings) but in vain. Please can anyone help?

My specs are:
AND FX4100 processor
4GiB DDR3 800MHz RAM
Palit GT240 video card (supports cuda)
Win7 Ultimate

Thanks for any help!

John McLeod VII
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Volunteer tester
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United States
Message 1279448 - Posted: 3 Sep 2012, 0:34:44 UTC

Not that I know about.


Questions and Answers : Windows : How to enable AntiAliasing?

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