Can we really trust mobile phone "apps"?

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Message boards : Politics : Can we really trust mobile phone "apps"?

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Message 1273529 - Posted: 20 Aug 2012, 21:59:46 UTC
Last modified: 20 Aug 2012, 22:03:02 UTC

A brief(?) aside to the "Can we really trust the software we use?" thread:

Don't download that app: US presidential candidates will STALK you with it

... The campaign teams of the incumbent US President and his Republican challenger have each released apps for both iOS and Android, in good time for the election on November 6.

Experts at GFI Software looked at the Android versions of both apps, discovering both to be surprisingly invasive.

Obama for America and Mitt’s VP request permissions, access to services and data and capabilities beyond their core mandate.

For example, each of the apps features the ability to cross-post on users' behalf and report back to base. One app even has a tool to encourage users to go canvassing on behalf of the candidate...

... Both Android apps slurp the details of users' contacts and log location data, ... even requests permission to record audio for unspecified (and so-far unactivated) purposes.

The GOP app gives users the option to either sign up to create a “MyMitt” account or connect with Facebook. Information such as your name, email address, password, home address with zip code, and an optional mobile phone number will be requested in the first scenario.

The Facebook version grants permission for the app to post on the user's behalf – as well as to collect data available from their Facebook friends. The app also collects other information (device ID, carrier, phone number, GPS location, cell location and package info on other installed apps). ...

Does there need to be yet another new law to stop the 'publishing' of misleading/unscrupulous software?

For one common simple example for example, the publishing of a 'screensaver' that actual steals all your contacts to then spam your friends?...

And then there is the big corporates with Market domination that DEMAND that you have no privacy when you 'choose' to use any of their products...

So... You happy to sell your soul and also the souls of all those you know?...

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Message boards : Politics : Can we really trust mobile phone "apps"?

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