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Message 1275081 - Posted: 25 Aug 2012, 0:12:55 UTC - in response to Message 1275028.

...and short quoting me out of full context will not disprove what I have said. I do not believe in chance. Nor can anyone get out of that argument. The given enough time, or the argument of multi-verses does not hold water. The universe was given time, and life popped up before the given time for life to pop up, us. And no one can show me nor prove that there is another verse. Yet here we are in this verse and life popped up way before the statistical math tells us it should have. If your not looking you're not even looking for supporting evidence. Or, I'll get the argument rejecting both the argument and it's supporting evidence. Heck, just ask Los Vagas about long odds and they would agree with the supporting evidence about the odds of a chance happenning of life, they would drop it all on it not happenning--and win. They would call such a thing a 'sure bet.'

The tactic you both use is easily identified and defeated.

ID, your understanding of statistics is faulty. Even if something only has it chance in a million and it occurs you are asserting it did not happen. Long shots do happen.

Also let's not forget that the statistics ID uses are hardly undisputed. For all ID's disbelief of chance, the theory of quantum electromechanics has produced some supremely accurate predictions, and at it's heart the theory is probabilistic in nature. That is chance is part of the current best approximation of the natural science's view of the universe and will continue to be so regardless of how little ID subscribes to the idea.
I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that ...

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Message boards : Politics : Whats in a word?

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