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Message 1268304 - Posted: 6 Aug 2012, 9:07:41 UTC


In the next few weeks I'll have access to an IBM Power7 795 machine with up to 130 physical cores.
Main problem is, that the system has NO internet access.

Is it possible to download data from another machine (e.g. a Windows or Linux Thinkpad), move it to the big machine for computation and then upload the results from the small system again?

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Message 1268309 - Posted: 6 Aug 2012, 9:34:15 UTC - in response to Message 1268304.

If you do not mind running to and fro with the data, then yes you can do it that way. But the machine doing to downloads & uploads can't run its own BOINC at that time, or you have even more moving of data to do.

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Message 1268574 - Posted: 7 Aug 2012, 0:54:16 UTC

Make certain that you have permission from the owner of the machine.


Questions and Answers : Preferences : Working in offline mode

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