Task restarted. Can previous progress to date be restored?

Questions and Answers : Windows : Task restarted. Can previous progress to date be restored?
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Message 1266926 - Posted: 3 Aug 2012, 6:08:34 UTC

Running Windows 98 FE (now updated to 4.10.2222). Using BOINC Manager 6.6.38 Currently crunching a task using Seti@home enhanced 6.03. Prior to upgrading windows software I had progressed to 33% plus. (I closed BOINC manager & client prior to this.) When I reopened BOINC Manager the task had started over.

I was thinking of restoring this from a backup done a couple days ago, but want to make sure I find the right file with data processed to date. I find the vlar_1 file, but the backup file size is the same as current (with 0.4% progress). Vlar_1_0 is actually larger (35kB) on the current file than the backed up one (0KB). If I find the correct file in backup, can this replace the current file and not require the task to be totally redone?

To double check, I've been told previously that BOINC manager 6.6.38 is latest version to use with W98. Still correct? Again got a reminder in the manager that newer version was available. I'm using a Pentium II machine. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Message 1266964 - Posted: 3 Aug 2012, 8:48:42 UTC - in response to Message 1266926.  

The vlar_1 file is just the task data. When you do want to continue from a backup, you'll need to restore client_state.xml, client_state_prev.xml and the correct slot directory with its contents.

The task actually runs in the slot directory and is updating its progress in there and in client-state.xml (and client_state_prev.xml which is a backup file of client_state.xml).

6.6.38 is the version of choice for Windows 98 and ME. The later versions use instructions that your Windows no longer supports, which is why you can't use them.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : Task restarted. Can previous progress to date be restored?

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