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Message 1263128 - Posted: 21 Jul 2012, 22:19:52 UTC
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Whose motivated to sue. Just too funny. After the first person got burned 20 more decided to try it too?

Tony Robbins event leaves 21 burned after they walk on hot coals

San Jose firefighters treated 21 people for burns when they walked across hot coals at an event by motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

Robbins' organization released a statement saying it will look into ways to make the coal-walking event safer if possible

Like not doing it again
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Message 1263134 - Posted: 21 Jul 2012, 22:34:13 UTC

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Message 1263169 - Posted: 22 Jul 2012, 0:41:25 UTC - in response to Message 1263134.  

Tik tok tik tok......
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Message 1263289 - Posted: 22 Jul 2012, 9:28:20 UTC

Celt is looking at his clock...

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