setiathome_6.05_i686-apple-darwin dominating processes

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Howard Brittain

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Message 1262917 - Posted: 21 Jul 2012, 12:37:06 UTC

10.6.8 :: 4 year old iMac

I run setiathome on my iMac. It starts from bootup.

I have it's settings set so that it doesn't run when the computer is in
use etc. like most people and the screen saver is set to seti also.

However I have awful trouble at startup and even long after.

There are TWO processes with the same name listed in Activity Monitor:

These keep going in the startup process for about 5 minutes after bootup
and hog 65% or more of the %CPU time, slowing everything else down.

Does anyone know anything about this and how to handle it other than quit Seti ?

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Message 1284664 - Posted: 17 Sep 2012, 1:14:51 UTC - in response to Message 1262917.  

Does anyone know anything ...

Yes, I know that those "TWO processes" can't "hog 65% or more of the %CPU time" because they run at lowest priority
If they use 65% CPU then no other process wants to use that part of CPU time.
(all other processes need and use at that moment 35% CPU total, only the remaining free time is used by SETI apps))

And they are "TWO processes" because you have 'Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo'

Make BOINC to Not "start from bootup" and start it manually later.
You will see that something other is "slowing everything else down"
(most probably high HDD load)

- ALF - "Find out what you don't do well ..... then don't do it!" :)
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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : setiathome_6.05_i686-apple-darwin dominating processes

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