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Message 1261833 - Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 14:11:25 UTC

Since I recently updated the BOINC software I am getting a very high number of "Computation Errors" on SETI projects. By very high, I mean over 90%. In the past I might get a couple per month. Is there something I can do to improve this situation?

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Message 1261841 - Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 14:33:52 UTC - in response to Message 1261833.
Last modified: 18 Jul 2012, 14:36:12 UTC

Well, we can exclude BOINC from the problem since BOINC doesn't perform any of the crunching. BOINC only handles network communications and task scheduling.

I see all of your errors seem to be coming from your nVidia GTX 460M card, which suggests that it is video driver related. I would try rebooting your machine or reverting your driver back to a previous version if you recently upgraded it.

[Edit] This is also not a web site problem, so this should probably have been posted under GPU Applications instead.

Questions and Answers : Web site : Update to BOINC software

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