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Message 1252142 - Posted: 27 Jun 2012, 16:33:41 UTC

The site seems slower than usual today, by a factor of 2x in my experience.

Anyone else notice this or am I just dreaming?
-Dave #2


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Message 1252151 - Posted: 27 Jun 2012, 17:18:13 UTC - in response to Message 1252142.

yes check out the thread "Panic Mode on the Servers" in the Numbers Crunching forum
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Message 1252207 - Posted: 27 Jun 2012, 18:45:21 UTC

A factor of two would be approaching light speed in comparison - I'd guess a factor of ten or more...
As Skildude says there is discussion in number crunching - if you can get there in time
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Questions and Answers : Web site : Website sloooow?

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