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Message 1244806 - Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 0:04:05 UTC - in response to Message 1244804.  

got it, thanks. nice to hear from u richard, hope all is well :)
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Message 1244839 - Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 1:55:15 UTC - in response to Message 1244806.  
Last modified: 12 Jun 2012, 1:55:43 UTC

Make sure you get all of them. If you are running a 32 bit system there will be three, if you are running a 64 bit system then there are six you have to change.

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Message 1244841 - Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 2:09:53 UTC - in response to Message 1244839.  

roger, thanks for the heads up
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Message 1244906 - Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 4:28:37 UTC

I have a fanless GT 8500 that was running around 80ºC. Which bothered me. So I stuck a fan on it. Which now has it running 50-60ºC.

It does spit out an error or two ever few weeks, but it also has been running full tilt, and overclocked, for at least the past 2 years. If not longer.
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Message 1244986 - Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 9:58:05 UTC - in response to Message 1244698.  

1 of my 460 use to run at 96 while the top one ran cooler so I moved the bottom one to my lowest slot and now they run at 72 each on seti they run cooler on milky way about 68 on milky way ands about 40 at idle. Here are my specs
Operating System
	MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
	Intel Core i7 920  @ 2.67GHz	77 °C
	Bloomfield 45nm Technology
	15.0 GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (7-7-7-18)
	ASUSTeK Computer INC. P6T (LGA1366)	70 °C
	AL2016W (1680x1050@59Hz)
	767MB GeForce GTX 460 (nVidia)	71 °C
	767MB GeForce GTX 460 (nVidia)	70 °C
	ForceWare version	301.42
	SLI Disabled
Hard Drives
	488GB Seagate ST3500320AS ATA Device (SATA)	42 °C
	488GB Seagate ST3500320AS ATA Device (SATA)	43 °C

I have 2 fermi cards and all I have set to .5 is the first cuda_fermi section since I only get fermi work the other cuda apps I leave alone the second cuda_fermi and both cuda23 and both cuda count entries are at 1. I checked my app_info file and found it was this way and it has been this way for a long time and I had no problems but have set all counts to .5 since I read these post.

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Message 1245086 - Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 15:28:55 UTC
Last modified: 12 Jun 2012, 15:29:51 UTC

im running a Gigabyte GTX 460 SOC (super overclock) and a BFG GTX 295 co-op
with 2 tasks at a time on each( for 6 at once ) and my current temps are :

gtx 460: 58c
gtx 295 core 1: 58c
gtx 295 core 2: 61c

all in a antec 900 case
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Petit Soleil

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Message 1254106 - Posted: 1 Jul 2012, 12:49:48 UTC
Last modified: 1 Jul 2012, 13:02:56 UTC

Hello to all !!! Petit Soleil is back and for those of you who remember me I have not been active at all in the past few years so I am kind of new here again.

I have a question regarding the GPU subject but I have decided to star a new tread


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Message 1254125 - Posted: 1 Jul 2012, 13:39:44 UTC - in response to Message 1244615.  

Is there any way to adjust the settings for 90% GPU usage instead of 100% so I can keep the temperatures down?
Just in case the original question remains of interest to you, or to someone else who happens on this thread, I'll mention:

While the stock BOINC controls don't seem to address this idea for GPUs, Fred's TThrottle application is aimed directly at controlling both CPU and GPU temperature by throttling.

TThrottle download page

Forums for Fred's BOINC software

For CPU the current release allows you to set a maximum under 100%, though I think most users leave that maximum at the default 100% and just let the application throttle back as needed to meet the user-set CPU temperature. For GPU it appears that Fred does not currently let you set a less than 100% maximum, but since he directly (and quite effectively in my experience) lets you set the GPU target temperature, and you were proposing the usage limit as a means to that end, you might find this interesting.

I, personally, use this software as a means to reduce my power consumption when the room is particularly hot--not the intended application, but still helpful.
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Message 1257622 - Posted: 8 Jul 2012, 18:07:59 UTC

My GPU: Point-of-View GTX 460 Ultra Charged (825/1650/2000 MHz) with stock-cooler.

With 3 WUs @ 99% GPU-load it dont get more than 69°C. Very nice, I think.

Perhaps in some days I get a second GTX 460. Then I need a stronger power supply.
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