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Message 1241080 - Posted: 4 Jun 2012, 14:22:53 UTC

I'm new to BOINC, and I'm about to give up before I've even started.

Can someone post or link to a step-by-step guide for setting up BOINC in a terminal-only environment? I just spent an hour looking for information and trying different things, but so far, nothing I've read has worked.

What also bugs me is that on Gentoo, the version in Portage is well behind the version available from the site.

This all doesn't seem very organized. I think this is a marvelous idea, but I need accurate information in order to proceed.
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Message 1241214 - Posted: 4 Jun 2012, 18:05:29 UTC - in response to Message 1241080.  

In command-line window, type
boinc /?
boinc --help
for its command line options,
boinc-client /? 
boinc-client --help
if you use a binary called like that and the use of the boinccmd (BOINC command-line) tool.

What you first need to do is make an account at this site.
You've done that, to post here. So the next thing we do is start the BOINC client: boinc or boinc-client (Enter)

First we need to figure out what your authenticator key is, so that you can add the project. We're using the boinccmd tool for this, it needs the BOINC client running, which is why we started that already.

boinccmd --lookup_account your_email your_password
where "your_email" is the email address you used to create your account with and "your_password" the password on that account.
In the blurb you get back, there'll be your authenticator key. Keep it to yourself, don't go post it anywhere, it's the strongest way in to an account here. Anyone who's seen it can use it to take over your account.

So next you add Seti to BOINC
boinccmd --project_attach {authenticator key}
where "authenticator key" is the key you just got sent. It's a 32 character hexadecimal key.

For more options with boinccmd do
boinccmd /?
boinccmd --help

Versions available through Linux repositories are kept up-to-date by the people keeping those repositories up-to-day, not by Berkeley or BOINC development. If you have complaints about the BOINC available through your repository, then you'll have to address that complaint to the maintainer.

Ancient Astronaut Theorists can tell you that I do not help with tech questions via private message. Please use the forums for that.
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Message 1241486 - Posted: 5 Jun 2012, 1:59:36 UTC - in response to Message 1241214.  


What does it mean when I get authorization failure -155? I get that when trying to lookup_account.
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Message 1241590 - Posted: 5 Jun 2012, 6:31:13 UTC - in response to Message 1241486.  

Try cd-ing to the BOINC directory before issuing the command.

Check your access rights to that folder and its contents.

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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Step-by-step setup for cmd line

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