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Message 1216532 - Posted: 10 Apr 2012, 8:34:47 UTC

One of the best single malt distilleries is test if whisky matures in zero gravity. Space station used for Ardbeg distillery experiments
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Message 1216689 - Posted: 11 Apr 2012, 2:40:05 UTC

Sending Scotch whiskey into space. I wonder if the astronauts will be tempted to have a little tipple while its there to check if the experiment is going ok.

They should have sent up a bottle of Irish whiskey too. See which matures best in zero G.

Good story,
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Message 1216695 - Posted: 11 Apr 2012, 3:00:14 UTC

I think we all know the result of this little experiment already.

"schlorry burt it doesn't mature.....hic" :)


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Message 1216742 - Posted: 11 Apr 2012, 5:19:07 UTC

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.

Albert Einstein
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Message 1216783 - Posted: 11 Apr 2012, 7:50:42 UTC

So the question is"Will grain ferment in micro gravity?" I'm sure that by now the Russians have found out whether you can get drunk in space and how bad the hangover is.
Bob DeWoody

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Message 1216791 - Posted: 11 Apr 2012, 8:27:09 UTC

But that was probably on Vodka! Anyway there is a no alcohol rule on the ISS for obvious reasons, but an exception has obviously been made for a scientific experiment.
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