WU crunch time --why so fast?

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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : WU crunch time --why so fast?

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Message 1201275 - Posted: 1 Mar 2012, 7:10:31 UTC

My GPU crunches 1 WU in less than 6mins, just wondering why the WUs are so short and if it actually even helps the Seti@Home science team with all these results being sent back? Wouldn't it be easier to have bigger WUs that do more work at once and possibly even benefit the science team since their doing more work at once?

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Message 1201405 - Posted: 1 Mar 2012, 17:37:02 UTC - in response to Message 1201275.
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All is OK:

Your GPU is just very fast :)

Check the similar times here:



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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : WU crunch time --why so fast?

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