View graphics in BOINC client is greyed out ?

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Message 1187410 - Posted: 22 Jan 2012, 13:02:43 UTC

I want to view the 3d graphics as explaind here,

i have setup it to seti@home classic but still no tasks i click on work, all are greyed out on the graphics ? I have gtx 460 with latest drivers.
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Message 1187425 - Posted: 22 Jan 2012, 14:40:56 UTC - in response to Message 1187410.  
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Yes, and you're doing work on that GPU.

Only the CPU application has a graphics application.
The one running on the videocard (GPU) will not have a graphics application, as back in the day when CUDA was first released, chances were high that running the calculations on the videocard + trying to show OpenGL graphics on them would result in a lot of calculation errors. Thus it was chosen not to release a graphics app with the GPU science app.

You can see the graphics on any 6.03 or Astropulse that's running.

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : View graphics in BOINC client is greyed out ?

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