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Questions and Answers : Windows : Disable Files for Cuda

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Martin Gendera
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Message 1182964 - Posted: 5 Jan 2012, 13:26:35 UTC

Hello Folks,

BOINC is working on my laptop. On this machine the GPU is not so fast. Is it possible to disable the downloading of CUDA-files? I only want to download NON-CUDA-FILES. How can I change the download-options?

Thank you for your answers.


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Message 1182966 - Posted: 5 Jan 2012, 14:16:56 UTC - in response to Message 1182964.

Go into your Project preferences and uncheck "Use nVidia GPU". The next time BOINC contacts the servers, it will download these new preferences and stop using the GPU for calculations.

Questions and Answers : Windows : Disable Files for Cuda

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