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Message 1181541 - Posted: 30 Dec 2011, 4:07:20 UTC

Has anybody here seen or used this before? I may be a little over my head.

I am hoping to set up a few old computers I have to run boinc and be managed remotely. When I load this up it seems to be working fine, but I am sure there is a config file or something I must edit to get this to link to my account. After watching the messages as it boots a few times and scouring the contents of the CD, I can't find anything.

Any thoughts/ideas?
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Message 1182776 - Posted: 4 Jan 2012, 17:16:41 UTC - in response to Message 1181541.  

IIRC SUSE has a BOINC version that you can install through the software update section. To run the Optimized Apps you'll need a bit more work getting them installed
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