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Message 1181515 - Posted: 30 Dec 2011, 0:48:42 UTC

Message 1181042 - Posted: 28 Dec 2011 | 0:36:00 UTC
some how I got on this team that appears to be only you active. I do not wish to be part of any team, please remove me.
Thanx B

Once upon a time this used to be a pretty active team, unfortunately, the founder long ago lost the password to the group, and then disappeared herself. I do not have access to the team controls.
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Message 1181622 - Posted: 30 Dec 2011, 18:05:37 UTC - in response to Message 1181515.  

And what is the Question (what do you want to do)?

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Message 1181656 - Posted: 30 Dec 2011, 20:50:34 UTC - in response to Message 1181622.  

Leaving the team is entirely up to you. On your account page just click on "QUIT TEAM" and follow the instructions
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Message 1181997 - Posted: 31 Dec 2011, 21:29:03 UTC

Just for grins, you could take over as founder if you want.

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : team problem

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