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Message 1179745 - Posted: 21 Dec 2011, 16:01:17 UTC
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OK. A lot of dreaming, lol. Was just doing some browsing, and came across a website I had never heard of or seen before, and to be honest, was quite impressed with what they had and the technology used. Below is a list of a computer design I was playing around with just to give you an idea. I wish I had the money to by this super extreme beast of a machine.

Chassis Model: Special Deal Hot Seller - Black OPS HailStorm Cryo-TEC Edition
Exterior Finish: - Standard Factory Finish
Trim Accents: - Standard Factory Finish
Processor: Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 3960X 3.3GHz (Six-Core) (Extreme Performance)(Overclocking Info Below)
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 (Intel X79 Chipset) (Features USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s)
System Memory: 16GB DDR3 2000MHz Corsair Dominator GT with DHX (High-Performance)
Power Supply: 1200W Corsair Pro Gold Series (CMPSU-1200AX) (Dual/Triple/Quad SLI Compatible)
Expansion Bay: Dual Solid State Hard Drive Hot Swap Bay
Hard Drive Set 1: Operating System: 2x (250GB Solid State (By: Intel) (Model: 510 Series) (Extreme Performance)
Set 1 Raid Options: Configure HDD Set 1 to a Raid 1 Config - Mirror (Requires Two HDDs)
Hard Drive Set 2: Multimedia\Data: 2x (250GB Solid State (By: Intel) (Model: 510 Series) (Extreme Performance)
Hard Drive Set 3: Backup\Misc.: 2x (250GB Solid State (By: Intel) (Model: 510 Series) (Extreme Performance)
Optical Drive 1: Blu-Ray & DVD Writer/Reader (Burn + Play Blu-Ray & DVDs) (12x BD-R) (Lite-On iHBS112)
Optical Drive 2: Blu-Ray & DVD Writer/Reader (Burn + Play Blu-Ray & DVDs) (12x BD-R) (Lite-On iHBS112)
Internet Access: !PROMOTION: Killer 2100 (Optimized for Online Gaming) Lag and Latency Reduction
Video Card(s): 2x SLI Dual (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580x2 3GB (Asus MARS II Edition) (MARS II/2DIS/3GD5)
Add-on Card: - No Thanks
Sound Card: Auzen X-Fi Hometheater HD 7.1 (Model: AZTHTHD02817) (PCI-Express Slot Based)
Extreme Cooling: Digital Storm Cryo-TEC CPU System & Chipset + Triple Video Cards Liquid Cooling
Chassis Airflow: Upgrade Chassis With LED Performance Fans (Red) (Up to 6 Fans)
Internal Lighting: Internal Chassis Lighting System (Red)
Enhancements: Strike-X AeroCool Temperature Display & Fan Controller (Requires Chassis Airflow Upgrade)
Chassis Mods: HailStorm & 950Si: Processor & Video Card Area: Drill and Mount Two Side Window 120mm Fan Blow-Holes
Noise Reduction: Noise Suppression Package Stage 2 (Optimized Airflow & Fan Speeds with Noise Dampening Material)
CPU Boost: Stage 2: Overclock CPU 4.5GHz to 4.8GHz (Requires Pro or Deluxe Series Motherboard)
Graphics Boost: Yes, Overclock the video card(s) as much as possible with complete stability
Memory Boost: Memory Fan Kit Only (Does not include memory overclocking service)
OS Boost: Yes, Disable and tweak all of the non-crucial services on the operating system
Windows OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64-Bit Edition)
Recovery Tools: Windows Recovery Toolkit (Bundled with Windows 7 CD)
Display: NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Setup (3x Triple Asus 3D Panels 23 inch VG236H (Includes 3D Glasses)
Surge Shield: APC 1500VA Uninterruptible Backup Surge Conditioner (Recommended)
Speakers: Corsair High-power 2.1 System (Includes Subwoofer) (CA-SP211NA)
Keyboard: Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard (USB) (920-000969)
Mouse: Razer TRON (Laser 5600 dpi) (Gaming Mouse) (USB Wired)
Warranty: Life-time Expert Customer Care with 6 Year Limited Warranty

Digital Storm Desktop 332785 - $16,520.00

PROMOTION: 10% Discount of $1,836 Applied to Digital Storm Desktop 332785, Original Price $18,356
Sub-Total: $16,220.00
(Sadly, that doesn't even include the shipping costs.)

Like I said, one can dream. Here's a link to the website:

Digital Storm

(Some of thier selling points)

Below 0°C Temperatures - The Cryo-TEC system lowers processor temperatures below 0°C, maximizing overclocking performance and stability. Designed and tested over months of research by the industry's most performance focused engineering team, the Cryo-TEC system is specifically designed for enthusiasts and hardcore gamers who are driven by the pursuit of more performance and power.

Thermo-Electric Cooling - At the heart of the Cryo-TEC system are thermo-electric modules that are able to chill the copper CPU side below 0°C. By placing the processor in direct contact with the thermo-electric cold plate, the Cryo-TEC system is more efficient in lowering processor temperatures below 0°C and increasing overclocking performance. It out-classes and out-performs standard liquid cooling systems with its incredible design and it can only be found exclusively at Digital Storm.

Maximum Overclocking - The Cryo-TEC's tremendous cooling ability makes it an ideal choice for enthusiasts looking to maximize their overclocking potential. By reducing hardware temperatures so drastically, the Cryo-TEC allows hardware to be overclocked more aggressively than ever before. In addition, its superior cooling abilities prolong the life of overclocked hardware by keeping their temperature under load equivalent to their temperature under stock speeds.

Designed for Enthusiasts - The most stunning characteristic of the Cryo-TEC system is its ability to provide below 0°C temperatures. The only other commercially available systems that can boast these statistics are phase change units. Large, bulky, and often located outside the computer, these units cannot compare to the Cryo-TEC's compactness and automated control system that regulates fan-speed and liquid temperature on the fly leaving you worry free and able to enjoy your gaming system.

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