Japan spending 29 Million to kill last whale...

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Message boards : Politics : Japan spending 29 Million to kill last whale...

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Message 1176520 - Posted: 8 Dec 2011, 17:28:10 UTC

Japan wants to kill every last whale and is even taking 29 Million from earthquake victims to make sure they can keep slaughtering Whales...Very Sad!
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Message 1176760 - Posted: 9 Dec 2011, 13:46:39 UTC
Last modified: 9 Dec 2011, 13:49:23 UTC

I guess you Americans still are quite concerned about whale slaughter.

Those animals are both intelligent and thinking and also have feelings on their own.

For us humans they only become dinner.

Since my own country has such a long coastline on its own and borders the Atlantic ocean, perhaps I should give a little thought about how the resources in the ocean are being managed and administered.

I prefer meat for fish on my dinner table. I think you get more food for the money by eating meat and meat-based products.

If I should want to have white cooked fish for dinner, I would have to have a look in the specialized section for such food in my food store. They do have pre-packaged products, often boiled / cooked salmon or the like which only need a warm-up in the microwave oven.

Otherwise, I would have to buy frozen packages which is meant for storage in my freezer. To make this food eatable, I would need butter on a cooking pan in order to make it hot and tasteful. You need potatoes as well when eating fish.

If cold food should suffice, I would eat shrimp and mussel / clam.
Perhaps some bread products in addition would make even it more of a meal.

Hopefully readable stuff. Had to look in my dictionary for a couple of translations here.

Message boards : Politics : Japan spending 29 Million to kill last whale...

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