Pizza is a Vegetable? No it is not. Pizza is a Fruit.

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Message boards : Politics : Pizza is a Vegetable? No it is not. Pizza is a Fruit.

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Message 1172027 - Posted: 18 Nov 2011, 23:22:37 UTC

Is not a Tomato a Fruit? Tomato Paste then is Fruity.

Pizza is a Vegetable

Capitalists and Congressmen Working Hard to keep this Country Producing Pizza.

Pizza Good.


Message 1172078 - Posted: 19 Nov 2011, 2:54:41 UTC

probably kicking, screaming, and carried, was in 1955.

I cannot understand anything you post.

Sorry about the "Ice Cold Coke Zero".

I'm not Sorry you are Sorry.

Grab it GuidoMan and GripItHard. Squeeze it till it makes sense.



p.s. Pizza Still Good. Coke Zero Cold. Still Cold.

Dig it? I knew that you could.

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Message 1172087 - Posted: 19 Nov 2011, 4:13:09 UTC

Try imagining your Pizza as vegetable, and your beer as fruit.

Beer is a grain.
I've been meaning to eat more grains...

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Message 1172184 - Posted: 19 Nov 2011, 14:34:08 UTC

Lol.. just MADNESS! :D


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Message 1172710 - Posted: 21 Nov 2011, 14:23:48 UTC

This just shows that our civilization is evolving.

So Pizza is a vegetable, Beer is a vegetable also, well cigarrets are vegetable also ;)

So smoke, drink beer, eat pizza and whatch sport on TV. At the end you will became also a veggie :D

Beware with the Veggans LOL

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Message 1172773 - Posted: 21 Nov 2011, 19:47:36 UTC - in response to Message 1172710.

Heck Reagan wanted Ketchup labeled as a vegetable? Since the school lunches use the cheapest ketchup available not much of it was actually tomato
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Message 1172789 - Posted: 21 Nov 2011, 20:50:34 UTC

Spitting Image

[Margaret Thatcher is treating her Cabinet to a meal at a restaurant.]
Waitress: Would you like to order, sir?
Thatcher: Yes. I will have the steak.
Waitress: How would you like it?
Thatcher: Oh, raw, please.
Waitress: And what about the Vegetables?
Thatcher: Oh, they'll [The Cabinet] have the same as me!

Message 1172932 - Posted: 22 Nov 2011, 4:33:44 UTC

The Super Duper Committee did come up with A List. A List of Super Veggies.

One List of Veggies is for The 99%ers and one for The 1%ers. They say to stay Financially Healthy all 100% of these two groups need to eat at least 7 servings per day of their Respective Super Veggies.

Go to dubyadubyadubya dott messiah dott commie for The Lists.

Like the Most Interesting Man on Earth says: I don't always Eat My Veggies. But when I do, I eat from The Super Veggies List compiled by The Super Duper Committee. Ah, that's The 1%er List Ladies.


Message boards : Politics : Pizza is a Vegetable? No it is not. Pizza is a Fruit.

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