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Message 1166567 - Posted: 30 Oct 2011, 21:59:34 UTC

I Hope I made my post in the right category.
I am a French student in Computering and I want to do a project on Signal Processing in SETI.
So I'm trying to gather all the information about the signal processing.
I would like a "sound" file that I could do a step by step process above.

-identify one or two Doppler shift
- For each extract some bandwidth
- Calculate the power spectrum versus time
- For each frequency spectrum calculated
- Search the signals of short duration over a constant threshold (peak-peak).
- Search for stable signals whose power matches the parameters of the beam (Gaussian).
- Search for groups of three evenly spaced signals in time (triplets).
- Search for low repetitive signals (pulses).

I do not know what software I should use(maybe Mathlab and audacity). But mainly I can not find the Save without or with Gaussian Pulses or Triplets to use as a base for my project.
I found some files but their frequencies had already been modified to become audible.
Thank you for your help,
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