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Profile Dave Cummings
Volunteer tester
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United Kingdom
Message 1148613 - Posted: 3 Sep 2011, 19:40:21 UTC

Hello all,
After some time away from the project due to illness (not being at home and looking after the PC's) I am finally back to crunching data.

Been away for a few reasons, mainly due to falling and hurting my knee, and being able to do anything much!

How is everyone>?

Profile Uli
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Message 1148659 - Posted: 3 Sep 2011, 21:05:30 UTC - in response to Message 1148613.

Hallo Dave, nice to see you back.

I am fine, thank you for asking.
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Profile celttooth
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Message 1148665 - Posted: 3 Sep 2011, 21:15:47 UTC - in response to Message 1148613.

I guess you went away before I got here, but still nice to make your acquaintance I’m sure. You don’t need ET to tell you how to get rich; I help you out with that! Earn and then save lots of money. It worked for Bill Gates.


Profile Chris S
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United Kingdom
Message 1148667 - Posted: 3 Sep 2011, 21:19:50 UTC

Hi Dave, a blast from the past!
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Profile James Sotherden
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United States
Message 1148699 - Posted: 3 Sep 2011, 22:40:31 UTC

Welcome back Dave.

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