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Message 1147011 - Posted: 29 Aug 2011, 22:57:49 UTC
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Reply -- This is posted here, in the "political", as opposed to "cafe Seti " column:
(Ref. Mr. Sattler's entry concerning the explosion of the Russian supply ship
to the ISS.).

Although, "politics" is a (necessary) component of organizations,
such as NASA (I worked on the NASA STADAN net, in the 70's, and there might
well be other present/former NASA folks participating with Seti/BOINC), it
seems only appropriate (up to a point, admittedly) to mention some of those
political aspects, without forming one's own "political" opinion.

To me, the space program, ideally, should (continue to) be an intertational enterprise, with all welcome to voice their (desired) opinions. The Planetary Society (Bill Nye, Exec. Director) has sent out a number of requests, over the years, for inputs on "where we are going, in space".), so inputs from the general public are still very much wanted. Many of you are, undoubtedly, members of the Planetary Society, and know of its considerable weight in Congress.

Speaking as an individual member, I, never-the-less, urge one, and all, to
make your views known, either through the Society, or through letters, etc.
to your representatives.

I hope these words are not too much in the relm of the political. If they
are, I will gladly relocate.

I rest my case, to everyone. ;o)

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