Optimised app for ATI/AMD 3850 GPU processing.

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Message 1173132 - Posted: 23 Nov 2011, 3:03:15 UTC

Thanks for the reply(s).

I can now process Seti AstroPulse 505 v5.05 on the HD3850 thanks to persistence / Lunatics - however after some time, checking efficacy, I chose not to continue on this PC since duration vs CPU-cram+heatup+unavailability vs credit-awarded-that-is-obtuse - read ... "proven & unacceptable" compared with other, more modern GPU-happy, non SETI projects.

The HD3850 is now happily processing results from those other projects giving well proven, realistic-duration (vs CPU-cram+heatup+unavailability vs realistic credit), cool-running* GPU tasks.

In fact I have two very cool-runing* AGP cards. One HD3850 is quite old but very clean (hint ... dust filters! On ALL PC's). The other HD3850 is brand new. Both HD3850's are processing with no CPU/GPU dramas. I also have a recently-acquired newish used, tested good spare HD3850 which I may fit into the wife's P4i65GV / Northwood 2.8 HT etc shopping trolly:- good for 10K-a-day guaranteed work result ... running non-SETI tasks - sadly :-)

* via standard clock speeds/GPU/CPU/case cooling/PSU requirements etc.
PS:- Let's face it who needs opinion ... other comments are extraneous & duly ignored.
PS2:- another example. Seti AstroPulse 505 v5.05, 1 task running 24/7 on a headless server, an Atom 330 ... 2-core (HT 4-core) ... & HD2400 PCI (RV610 - FP32 ... not PCI-e / not PCIanything else) worked thanks to persistence / Lunatics. But it took about 5 DAYS to complete a Seti AstroPulse 505 v5.05 task because of the inexplicable reliance on ugg Atom CPU _instead_of_the_very-capable_GPU
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Message boards : Number crunching : Optimised app for ATI/AMD 3850 GPU processing.

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