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Message 1144241 - Posted: 23 Aug 2011, 9:09:54 UTC

I re-installed my OS this weekend (win7), and also replaced the boinc-software. But all it says when it's running is "no running tasks".
Is this because some server procceses are down? Read something in another post about it.

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Message 1144244 - Posted: 23 Aug 2011, 9:27:06 UTC - in response to Message 1144241.
Last modified: 23 Aug 2011, 9:27:45 UTC

Yep. And this time, there's even a message on the homepage:

work generation temporarily halted
The RAID that holds our raw data is down, so the splitters have nothing to work on. New work generation will be at a trickle until this is fixed.

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Questions and Answers : Web site : No running tasks

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