Too many tasks being downloaded reduce number of them

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Too many tasks being downloaded reduce number of them

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Message 1141646 - Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 16:44:16 UTC

Can you tell how to reduce the number of tasks that i get dowmloaded,i have quad core chip i have set the preferences to run at 70% so only 5 tasks run not 8 this reduces heat on my chip, but my main problem is the number tasks i get downloaded in one hit which means i have to run my computer round the clock to finish all these tasks ( 360 task approx on last download )thanks Henry

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Message 1141660 - Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 17:49:51 UTC - in response to Message 1141646.
Last modified: 17 Aug 2011, 17:51:10 UTC

Go to your Computing preferences and set the following entries to (much) lower values:

Computer is connected to the Internet about every _ days Leave blank or 0 if always connected. BOINC will try to maintain at least this much work (max 10 days). Maintain enough work for an additional _ days

If you are using local preferences, make the respective changes there.

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Message 1141743 - Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 20:33:37 UTC - in response to Message 1141646.

I would also suggest not running your computer longer than you normally would simply because you're afraid to miss a deadline.

One of the stats BOINC keeps a track of, which affects your workunit downloads, is how often your computer is powered up, and out of that time, how much BOINC is allowed to process.

By running your computer longer to avoid deadlines, you are (unintentionally and) artificially increasing those stats, which will only make BOINC think you can handle more and it will continue to download more work.

Therefore, the solution is to run your computer as you normally would and BOINC will make the appropriate adjustments as necessary.

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Message 1141909 - Posted: 18 Aug 2011, 1:50:21 UTC - in response to Message 1141646.

I think most of the tasks you see downloaded are Not for your CPU but for your GPU (CUDA): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260

The GPU processes tasks much faster than the CPU (15-30 minutes vs 5 hours)


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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Too many tasks being downloaded reduce number of them

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