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Joined: 21 Jan 02
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United Kingdom
Message 1119150 - Posted: 19 Jun 2011, 20:39:03 UTC

hi guys

any one aware of an issues with seti, noticed today all my taks were complete but theres not new task ??

pc and network all ok
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Joined: 28 May 11
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United States
Message 1119160 - Posted: 19 Jun 2011, 21:06:25 UTC - in response to Message 1119150.  

I cant get any new work since at least 14:00est can't find the problem
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Aurora Borealis
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Message 1119165 - Posted: 19 Jun 2011, 21:26:39 UTC

It looks like there is a couple of problems at Seti. The Server status page hasn't updated since 19 Jun 2011 | 1:00:06 UTC. The Cricket graph shows that downloads died around 12 hrs ago. Work is uploading and reporting but the validator also seems to be offline as credits are left pending.

Boinc V7.2.42
Win7 i5 3.33G 4GB, GTX470
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