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Message 1115886 - Posted: 11 Jun 2011, 14:25:50 UTC

I have seti set to keep 5 days worth of work but when I want to do another project it automatically sets its project for the same 5 days and I'm stuck with tons of work I could never process in a million years. How can I set 5 day for seti and only get 1 work for another project?
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Message 1115910 - Posted: 11 Jun 2011, 15:12:56 UTC - in response to Message 1115886.  
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You cannot do it that way, you will have to work with the Project Resource settings in the Project preferences. The Connect to and Additional Days of work settings are Global settings, they'll be that way for each project your BOINC is attached to. But by regulating the resource share, you can tell BOINC which project is more important than the other.

The next is all an example:
You run Seti & Milkyway. At this time both resource shares are set to the same weight of 100, which means that BOINC will give Seti as much CPU time as it gives to Milkyway (50% and 50%).

Then you set Seti to 400 and leave Milkyway at 100.
This will now tip the balance, as you told BOINC that Seti is more important than Milkyway. 4 times as important even (80% and 20%).

Now, initially BOINC will still download 5 days worth of work for Milkyway, but as long as you don't do any micromanaging, no suspending of Seti to allow Milkyway to run all that work etc., as long as you let some work at Milkyway go over the deadline, BOINC will learn and the next time it will not download as much work. It will take a while for BOINC to learn.

And all this depends of course on the resource share weights you have for all projects your BOINC is attached to. But it will not take into account those projects you have set to No New Tasks or Suspended; those are ignored and aren't part of the priority calculations.

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Message 1116202 - Posted: 12 Jun 2011, 11:47:32 UTC - in response to Message 1115886.  
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Yes, you have to use "Resource share".

"5 days worth of work" is total sum of work for all the projects.

How can I set 5 day for seti and only get 1 work for another project?

If "1 work" means "1 day of work": 5+1 = 6 days total
so you have to:

1) Set total days to 6 here (or/and locally in BOINC Manager if you use local settings):

2) Using the "Resource share" setting of each project spread/divide the days as you wish (5 to 1):

on SETI@home preferences:

set "Resource share" to 500
(on the "another project" site leave (or set) the "Resource share" at 100)

("Resource share" numbers are not %, you can use very big numbers as 1000000
In the above example you will have:
for SETI@home: 500/(500+100) "time units"
for "another project": 100/(500+100) "time units"

But if the computer is attached to more than 2 active projects their "Resource share" numbers add to the total number of "share units":

3) Wait enough time (weeks) for BOINC to be able to respect your "Resource share" settings.

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