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Message 1105342 - Posted: 12 May 2011, 4:07:11 UTC

You are welcome to join INDIAN THINKERS team!!

India had been on the scientific forefront in pre-B.C. era. With important inventions such as Zero, decimals and many more, Indians laid their contribution well in fundamental science. This post is to urge not only Indian but all South Asian thinkers to collaborate to form a network to support SETI cause. I wish that are able to join hands and support SETI's projects in outer space and inner space, within our body, by doing our bit, by just lending our computer's processing power when it is idle.

Honestly speaking, I see a lot of contribution coming from South Asia and India but this effort as of today is disjointed and fragmented. I dream of joining hands to drive a consolidated effort in this regard.

Join the team of "INDIAN THINKERS"
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