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Message 1100993 - Posted: 27 Apr 2011, 9:49:13 UTC

In the last few months SETI@home has made great steps forward thanks to the generosity of volunteers like you. In October, SETI@home received donations that allowed us to make the exciting purchase of new high-performance servers. Over the last month, the project has been in an outage as the team here at UC Berkeley has worked tirelessly to clean up the databases and complete a full server migration. This will allow the project to run more smoothly than it ever has before. Without the support of user donations, this major upgrade to the project would not have been possible.

Though the SETI@home project has been active for over ten years, we are still branching out and exploring new scientific directions. As you may know, the data that your computer analyzes comes from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. While Arecibo is an immensely powerful telescope, it cannot see the entire sky. In the coming year, we hope to be able to start collecting data at The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, allowing us to listen in on parts of the sky that, up until now, we have not been able to reach.

Furthermore, in February of 2011, NASA is slated to release data from the Kepler Mission, containing the location of several new exoplanets that could potentially be home to intelligent life. In 2011, we hope to perform a targeted search of the Kepler field, looking for signs of intelligent life beyond Earth. This search would also be done at the Green Bank Telescope.


I do not know if this is the right topic but where did this project in the message above? thank you

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Message 1101093 - Posted: 27 Apr 2011, 19:33:05 UTC
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I'm not sure exactly what question you are asking?
Je ne sais pas exactement ce que vous voulez savoir?

I think the information you quoted is from a donation letter SETI@home send out to volunteers, if that's what your asking? SETI@home do plan to use data from the Green Bank Telescope at some stage in the future but they are not using it right now! They are not using Kepler data yet either!

Je pense que les informations que vous avez cité est extrait d'une lettre de don SETI @ home envoyer aux bénévoles, si c'est ce que vous demandez? SETI @ home ne prévoyez pas d'utiliser les données du télescope de Green Bank à un certain stade dans l'avenir, mais ils ne sont pas à l'utiliser dès maintenant! Ils ne sont pas en utilisant des données Kepler encore plus!

Can you try write the question in a different way maybe? Or write the question in French an i can use Google translator!;
Pouvez-vous essayer d'écrire la question d'une manière différente peut-être? Ou écrivez la question du français, un je peux utiliser Google translator!

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Message 1103294 - Posted: 4 May 2011, 15:56:03 UTC
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I'd guess that it's being asked whether there are any developments for the Kepler/Green Bank project, as I came here to ask precisely this as well...

Any official news/updates?

I'll bring another cruncher box online just for it. :)

Edit: WTH happened to my BOINC stats. sig? Lol.
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Message 1103763 - Posted: 6 May 2011, 1:19:18 UTC
Last modified: 6 May 2011, 1:20:04 UTC

I also was wondering about that new data. Any recent updates would be cool. And RE idea.

EDIT: I wonder if the new beta has anything to do with it...
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Message 1103814 - Posted: 6 May 2011, 6:28:56 UTC

Concerning Green Bank, see Eric’s discussion in the Staff Blog of plans to adapt S@h to 800-MHz data from there.
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Message 1106222 - Posted: 14 May 2011, 20:54:03 UTC

From the UC Berkeley News Center May 13th: Green Bank telescope will collect data from 86 earth-like planets and SETIatHome will process it.

Article link is here:

UC Berkeley article
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Message 1106314 - Posted: 15 May 2011, 1:37:21 UTC - in response to Message 1106222.  

How does the Green Bank Telescope compare in resolution to the Allan array or to the Arecibo dish?
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Message 1106484 - Posted: 15 May 2011, 16:42:25 UTC - in response to Message 1106222.  

The first linked article makes the usual confusion about SETI@home and the SETI Institute,
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Message 1107853 - Posted: 20 May 2011, 3:47:16 UTC

It looks like we have some Kepler originated work units heading to us :D

This is exciting!

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