I had the strangest dream.....

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Message 1080935 - Posted: 24 Feb 2011, 13:01:07 UTC

I just woke up from a rather strange dream. Wanted to post it while I still remembered most of it.

I was sitting at my computer, much as I am now.
Watching my favorite time/space continuum program, which was kinda like youtube.
It had a program guide, kinda like ATT Uverse, where you can search forward and back in time for the program you want to watch.

And here I was, going back in the program guide, trying to find the exact moment when my Dad and Mom first met..........
And I was trying to send them email, even though the internet did not exist at that time.

I told you it was a weird one.
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Message boards : Cafe SETI : I had the strangest dream.....

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