Happy Lupercalia! (Feb 14 2011)

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Message boards : Technical News : Happy Lupercalia! (Feb 14 2011)

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David SProject Donor
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Message 1078305 - Posted: 17 Feb 2011, 15:34:00 UTC - in response to Message 1078300.

I think the timing of the reboots is kinda suspicious, and those kitties of Kittieman look kinda suspicious hmmm... It's the cats they must be aliens in disguise and Kittieman is the overlord they are holding the data back cuz they know the next wow signal is ready to be crunched....



The alien from that stupid '70s movie with Sandy Duncan had kittens! Several generations by now... They're everywhere! It's war between them and the Geico squirrels!


Sitting on my butt while others boldly go,
Waiting for a message from a small furry creature from Alpha Centauri.

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Message 1078563 - Posted: 18 Feb 2011, 0:00:56 UTC - in response to Message 1078368.

Hmmm thats what I imagine the "Overlord" would say. Let me be the first one to say "All Hail the Kittys!!!"



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Message boards : Technical News : Happy Lupercalia! (Feb 14 2011)

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