What's wrong with my SETI@home/BOINC?

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Message 1076301 - Posted: 12 Feb 2011, 0:04:33 UTC

The project hasn't been running on my computer for several days; and since this has occured after 11 years of "smooth sailing", I'm very anxious! When I rollover the icon it says "Computation is suspended. Network activity is suspended." Is the project still in business, or what??

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Message 1076303 - Posted: 12 Feb 2011, 0:12:02 UTC - in response to Message 1076301.

First, it sounds like you inadvertently suspended the process. go into your boinc manager,highlight SETI and click "allow".

Now then.. There is also currently a server outtage. They are working on it. You can see indications of it by going to the "Home" page, and if from there you go to server status, you can see a lot of orange and red for servers that are not operating.

Keep the faith, and you can continue to look for ET!!


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Message 1087669 - Posted: 17 Mar 2011, 4:51:10 UTC

My Seti@home/Bionic was suspened by the project...How can I get back into it?
It doesn't even show up on my task list.


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Message 1087724 - Posted: 17 Mar 2011, 8:37:20 UTC - in response to Message 1087669.

The project(s) can't suspend any BOINC applications, at the most, server connections can be deferred for some time.

When you posted, your host already had downloaded a task from SETI and shortly thereafter, another tasks was downloaded. Are they running (see the "Status" column in the "Tasks" tab)?

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Questions and Answers : Web site : What's wrong with my SETI@home/BOINC?

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